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Elektro Energy doo is specialized in design, construction and maintenance of high and low voltage installations of electric power networks, as well as consulting in the field of energy transmission systems.

We create an organization based on the synthesis of flexibility, expertise and experience, which would be able to professionally respond to any challenge within the field of power engineering. Precisely that is the reason why the major part of our professional energy is invested into creating an expert team and high-end technology processes, which we consider to be the two supporting pillars of our company.


Developed social awareness, responsibility towards partners, customers and suppliers, the environment and the community in which we live and work, constant commitment to employee motivation and professional development, with special emphasis on health and safety at work, are the main goals of our company. Elektro Energy achieves these goals by implementing and continuously improving the integrated management system in accordance with the requirements of the standard:


Complete organization, engineering, design and consulting services in executing all types of electrical works. The main idea of our business is safety, high quality of the performed work and profit for all sides, because finding the right business partner is the most difficult task in the modern business world.

Energy saving in street lighting Energy efficiency

Reducing energy consumption, in both the public and private sectors, has became a major concern in many countries and developed systems, for all those committed to mankind and the environment they live in.

One of significant examples is the lighting, which uses about 20% of the total electric energy consumption.

The project of energy efficiency, rationalization and reconstruction of public lighting comprises the replacement of the energy-inefficient mercury lamps with energy efficient lamps with sodium light source, as well as installation of the device for central continuous light flux regulation.

Elektro Energy doo, in cooperation with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade, and its partner companies, has been for several years working on implementation of a device for central continuous light flux regulation in Serbia and the region. The commercial name of the device is M BOX lighting control device.

M-BOX lighting control device is an electronically-controlled voltage regulator that enables regulation of output voltage in the range of 230 V to 170 V. Regulation of voltage on its output, which can result in a significant reduction of electrical energy consumption of street lighting, allows regulation of luminous flux of the lamps powered by it. Voltage regulation for energy saving purposes is applicable during the late night hours when, usually due to significant decrease of traffic density, the maximum level of lighting is not necessary.

The fact that we are the only company in Serbia with a serious reference in the field of energy saving in public lighting, as a result of implementation of the light flux regulation device, speaks for itself.

High-voltage plants and substations

Substation engineering provides a wide range of services: project design, plant construction or reconstruction, equipment installation and maintenance, installation of protection and control equipment, testing and commissioning.

A complete organization, engineering, design and consulting service in executing all kinds of works:

Switching facilities, substations of voltage levels from 0.4 to 400kV. Maintance works on medium voltage and high voltage equipment (circuit-breakers, disconnectors, current and voltage transformers, surge arrestors, energy transformers), including supply and/or manufacture of spare parts.

Instalation, testing and commissioning of FS6 Circuit Breakers.

Instalation and reconstruction of energy, power, constrol, signal of energy transformers.

Instalation and connection of energy, power, control, signal and optical cables.

Instalation of metal-enclosed medium voltage utilities from a wide range of manifactures.

All necessary accompanying constructions and metal works.

Our expertize and readiness to meet all the challenges, experience and responsibility, have been confirmed through realization of a great variety of complex projects, ranging from switching facilities of distributive structure, to constructions of great environmental importance such as thermal power plant Kolubara switchgear 110kV Veliki Crljeni, FAS 110/20 kV Kragujevac, Nikola Tesla Airport, SS Pista 35/10kV, full reconstruction with installation of 10kV and 0.4kV blocks, replacement of protection system and implementation of switchgear 10kV Sloga Vladičin Han into the remote control system.

Electrical installation works, distribution cabinet wiring, public and decorative lighting

Following the market, its demands and deficiencies in the existing offerings, while considering overall development and production capabilities, Elektro Energy doo has established a strategy for development of its manufacturing sector. We set up an electrical installations and metalworking workshop with the aim of providing high quality and competitive solutions through synthesis of engineering, sales and manufacturing.

Main activities of the electrical installations workshop, manufacturing sector, among other, include the following:

Manufacturing of the device for energy saving in public lighting M-BOX lighting control device.

Assemblage of public lighting lamps and complementary equipment.

Design, mounting and installation of different types of distribution and public lighting cabinets.

Protection and control cabinets.

Compact and modular distribution, industrial and household switchgear cabinets.

Electric meter cabinets for industrial and residential areas.

RTU cabinets.

Substation NN and RO regrouping, self-power consumption cabinets.

Reactive power compensation cabinets.

All kind of metalwork reconstructions.

Project design and engineering

Design sector represents an important part of our activities. It comprises a wide range of activities in order to provide an overall view in the area of transmission, distribution and consumption of electric energy, from contracting highly qualified experts, through our professional relation towards investors, experienced and technically skilled staff, to the availability of all necessary licenses.

Planning and managing cmplex projects involving construction of new and reconstruction of olf power facilities.

Proffesional/technical support to investors with equipment, material and service procurement.

Project design for switching facilities and substations form 0.4kV to 400kV.

Control and relay cabinets, AC and DC distribution system design elaboration.

Elaboration of preliminary and detailed design, and as-build designs.

Technical control of preliminary and detailed designs.

Renewable energy sources

Following global trends, Elektro Energy doo started developing technologies and exploring potential of renewable energy sources usage.

We have taken part in this area by developing following systems:

Solar energy.

Small hydro-power plants.

Wind turbines.

Elektro Energy doo is one of the first companies to introduce the system of solar lighting, having as a reference the project for lighting of the promenade along the canal Kupinac in Obrenovac.



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